The G4+ Atom runs the same microprocessor and firmware as our the G4+ Xtreme. Designed and built to be the best “value for money” entry level ECU on the market.
4 Ign, 4 Inj outputs

The G4+ Storm offers the latest in high end aftermarket engine management. You will be stunned by the G4+’s performance, features and reliability.
8 Ign 8 Inj 8 Analoge inputs
8 Dig inputs
4 AUX outputs
2 Temperature inputs
2 Knock sensor inputs
3 Temperature inputs
The Kurofune was design to replace the so popular but dated HKS F-con. with the same connector and pinout design. all you need to do is unplug the old HKS and Plug in the new Link kurofune and what you get is all of the 2017 features
With the Monsoon you have all the repower capabilities of the Atom, but you can also choose to run some of the following features: Gearshift Control, Launch Control, Anti-lag, VVT Control and Closed Loop Boost Control.

8 Ignition outputs
8 Fuel injection outputs
10 AUX outputs
3 Temperature inputs
2 Knock sensor inputs
3 Temperature inputs

Link G4+ Furry
8 x P&H fuel drivers, 6 x ignition, e-throttle & on board digital wide-band controller.
10 Aux outputs
10 digital input channels
4 temperature channels

The G4+ Xtreme offers the ultimate in engine management. There are great new
8 Inj 8 Ign outputs
10 auxiliary outputs
11 analog inputs
9 analog volt channels
2 knock inputs
4 temp inputs
2 knock inputs

LinkG4+ Thunder will meet the most advance engine requirements
8 Ign 8 Inj outputs
3 Axis Accelerometer
2 Ethrottle driver
16 digital inputs

Nissan standalone ECU
Fast install, full engine management, tuning solution!
Where possible, the factory enclosure is reused and a replacement board is supplied which the installer swaps for the original factory board inside the
20 Aux outputs
traction control
original enclosure.Where this is not possible due to the design of the factory ECU the Link ECU is supplied in a full or partial replacement enclosure.

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