The most exciting technology in the EFR package is the low inertia Gamma-Ti Turbine Wheel. All EFR turbine wheels are made from a high performance lightweight material known as “Gamma-Ti”. This material innovation is not quite metal and not quite ceramic, it is considered an “inter-metallic compound”. Comprised primarily of titanium and aluminum (titanium-aluminide) with other trace elements, the Gamma-Ti turbine wheel is so light it’s nearly the same weight as the forged-machined aluminum compressor wheel. This approximate 1:1 turbine:compressor weight ratio dramatically improves turbo response. Further strength benefits are realized at high temperatures as Gamma-Ti gains ductility and exhibits very high stiffness-to-weight ratios with good vibration damping characteristics. The EFR debut marks the first time Gamma-Ti has been offered to the public across a range of turbine wheel sizes and at an enthusiast’s price point.


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