Introduction: Introducing the long awaited Treadstone EFR turbo kit for the FRS/BRZ. Years in the making perfecting the design, and perfecting the tune. The Treadstone EFR kit for the FRS/BRZ gives you the best in product combinations, installation, fitment, and function! The Turbocharger: Utilizing Borg Warner���s latest release, the EFR(engineered for Race) series turbocharger, the EFR utilizes advanced engineering, giving you the�� latest in turbocharger technology.. The EFR Turbocharger from Borg Warner is an excellent turbocharger for autocross, rally, drift, road racing and street driven applications. These turbochargers have a few key attributes such as Gamma Ti turbine wheels, dual ceramic ball bearing cartridges and investment cast stainless steel turbine housings. Collectively, those features help give the EFR line its innovative appeal and will provide a breakthrough experience in durability, device responsiveness and installer/user satisfaction.

Quick Spooling, yet able to produce impressive Power, gives you the best of both worlds.

  • Increase your HP from 155 @ 7,000RPM to 300HP @ 6,600RPM
  • 151 lb, FT @ 6,600 RPM to 325 lb, @ 6,600 RPM
  • 14 PSI, 92 Octane��


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