The G4 Storm offers the latest in high end aftermarket engine management. You will be stunned by the G4+’s performance, features and reliability.

Built with cost in mind, G4 Storm delivers the results, retaining all the functions normally demanded by both tuner and driver. The Storm runs the same powerful microcontroller and firmware as the G4 Xtreme.

  • four injection drives
  • four ignition outputs
  • three/four analog inputs *
  • two temperature inputs
  • three/four digital inputs *
  • eight auxiliary outputs **
  • one, thirty four pin, waterproof connector
  • built in, 4 bar, MAP sensor
  • 5V out
  • USB to Link CAN cable
  • Link CAN connector
  • Spare injection and ignition channels can be auxiliary outputs

* one digital input shares the same pin as one analogue input. Unused injection and ignition drives can also be used as auxiliary outputs.

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in


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